My therapeutic range are alternative methods of healing. Every patient should be aware of that, if you have any doubts, please get medical advice.

Hildegard Heuer
Urbanización El Riachuelo
Calle Isabel de Farnesio 1C
E - 29601 Marbella

Phone: 0034 654 400 981



For thousands of years, sound techniques have enabled us to experience harmony, health, stress release and new energy. The simple postures, the asanas, are easy to understand even for the novice. They are always taught with connected, steered breathing - pranayama.

Initial relaxation and the asanas have a liberating effect on the body and psyche. They increase our vitality, our health and release mental tension because Hatha Yoga connects mind, body and soul in harmony.

In my yoga classes for children and adolescents we practice the traditional Rishikesh series, a harmonious series of exercises in which the essence of yoga is contained in a child friendly form.

The courses are organized for children from 6-10 years and for children / adolescents of 11-14 years.

Initial relaxation is individually tailored to the different age groups. In particular, children are playfully introduced and gently led through the exercises.

Yoga is a valuable opportunity for children and adolescents who are often, as are adults in our time, under pressure to perform and stressed, to let go of stress and find a balance, creativity and joy.

Yoga für Kinder