My therapeutic range are alternative methods of healing. Every patient should be aware of that, if you have any doubts, please get medical advice.

Hildegard Heuer
Urbanización El Riachuelo
Calle Isabel de Farnesio 1C
E - 29601 Marbella

Phone: 0034 654 400 981



I also offer Somatic Experiencing® (SE) online sessions via zoom and Skype for individuals who are struggling with the effects of trauma. A Zoom or Skype session usually lasts one hour and can be extended if necessary.

Online sessions offer the chance to work in your own environment and to be sure of the privacy and familiarity of your own home. Furthermore, they are a good alternative in times when many people feel insecure in their field of closeness and distance, for example because of Covid 19.

The online sessions also focus on the mindful observation of your own perception on a physical level, the main key to the work of Somatic Experiencing® . If you have never had an experience with this form of personal work before, we will first of all focus on how Somatic Experiencing differs from traditional talk therapy. We will also strengthen the awareness of inner states and the orienting architecture. Furthermore we will get to know titration. Titration, a technique of abidance, as an elementary tool and explore the regulation of activation in the body.

Online sessions on somatic experience can be helpful for all those who have to deal with the difficult symptoms of shock trauma and trauma-related issues from interpersonal relationships. In such a work the previous traumatic experiences can be unravelled. Often such experiences overlap with current life and relationships with other people. The more these entanglements and confusions unravel, the more freedom, clarity, intimacy, joy ... takes a place in your life.

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