My therapeutic range are alternative methods of healing. Every patient should be aware of that, if you have any doubts, please get medical advice.

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Metamorphic Technique

"The Metamorphic Technique, also known as prenatal massage, brings us to the principles of life itself in contact and provides a simple and holistic approach to self-healing and transformation. Metamorphosis is the movement of the person I am going to him I can be - and potentially already am, "Gaston Saint-Pierre (founder of MetamorphicAssociation, England).

The Metamorphic Technique is a gentle way to dissolve repressed life fears. It helps us to develop personality. Finely targeted touches on the reflex zones of the spine, on the feet and hands and on the head can transform and dissolve old partially unconscious rigid patterns.

Information and experiences during the gestation period have shaped our life, our way of seeing and expereinceing things. Our emotions are stored in the nerves system. During treatment we can influence these impressions and make an inner and outer transformation possible such that our original, holistic being can flourish.

Our inner life force is activated and sets our self-healing powers free. We can develop our own potential.

Metamorphische Methode