My therapeutic range are alternative methods of healing. Every patient should be aware of that, if you have any doubts, please get medical advice.

Hildegard Heuer
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Integrative Breath Therapy

Integrative respiratory therapy is also known as "connected breathing". For millennia, people have know that conscious, controlled breathing can be targeted to strengthen our mental and physical strength. Special breathing techniques have been developed to overcome the limitations of our everyday physical and mental possibilities.
With integrative breathing the inhalation is consciously connected with exhalation. It is breathed without pause into a relaxed rhythm in a circle, while attention is directed within the body.

In this way access to old memories can be found again. We often save our feelings and experiences as bodily sensations in various cells of our body and no longer accessible to us. These repressed memories are associated with events that could not be processed and integrated at the time for some reason. The combination of increased oxygenation and deep relaxation brings the trapped life energy back into flow again.

With integrative respiratory therapy, we can loosen such blockages and find access to old memories and repressed infantile experiences. It is possible to process them with our present awareness and integrate them into our everyday life. We can live with more vitality and serenity. Often this gives rise to changes in self-perception and we discover new and more diverse perspectives and behaviours. New options arise.

The respiratory experiences are embedded in a clarifying preliminary discussion and in a carefully integrating closing discussion. Thoughts and affirmations are incorporated in the work and serve as a valuable tool.

Integrative Atemtherapie