My therapeutic range are alternative methods of healing. Every patient should be aware of that, if you have any doubts, please get medical advice.

Hildegard Heuer
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Biodynamic – craniosacral therapy

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Somatic Experiencing®
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Integrative Atemtherapie

Integrative Respiratory Therapy



Metamorphische Methode

Metamorphic Technique



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Treatment Room

About me

Hildegard Heuer

The intensive study of the philosophy of yoga and alternative healing methods form my therapeutic and personal roots. The knowledge that the individual is connected to everything and is one with everything is the basis of my work. From this awareness, it is a pleasure for me to meet people and to accompany them in their journey towards an individuated wholeness.

I would like to create a space in which esteem and respect are a fundament in service of your healing. In my concept of holistic treatment I would like to assist you with a variety of methods in a healing presence to awaken in you the powers of self-healing and to allow you to have access to your own resources.

With alternative healing methods, I want to facilitate you on the road to recovery, to assist you in opening the doors to enable a holistic healing to take place. I hope your life is gaining life force, vitality and able to express itself with creativity.


Hildegard Heuer, born 1961

Chapters in professional life:

Since 1983 I have worked with people. At first I spent seven years as an educator, as a group leader in various kindergartens. I then worked for 1 year in an emergency shelter for homeless young adults.

Since 1992 I have been working in my own practice, first in Germany with a focus on Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique and Integral Respiratory Therapy.

In 1994 I moved to Marbella, Spain and continued working in my own practice with a focus on the afore mentioned. Soon after moving to Spain Hatha yoga has also become an important part of my professional life.

Since 2004, I have integrated Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy as another part of the treatments I offer. Since this time I am also a member of the AsociaciònEspanolaTerapiaCraneosacral Biodinàmica.

In February 2013 I started training in Somatic Expieriencing by Peter Levine at the UTA Academy in Cologne and since November 2015 I am Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP )

Since then, I am also a member of AESE: Asociasiòn Española Somatic Experiencing

From May 2017 to November 2018 I took part in another advanced training course on "The Therapeutic Work with Attachment Disorders" at the UTA Academy in Cologne and since then I have integrated the diverse contents into my work.

From October 2019 to September 2020 I took part in a course to prepare for the state examination for alternative practitioners (psychotherapy) at the UTA - Academy in Cologne.